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Portrait Photography

At Tailored Image Photography we understand that over the years there are many special moments and important occasions which occur, changing peoples lives and creating special memories.

These portrait sessions come in a wide range of forms and provide family and friends an idea opportunity to capture and hold onto lasting memories. Such portrait sessions include:

  • Modelling portfolios: Professional photographs capturing ‘your good side’ for those who require portfolios to enable success in their chosen field of work.
  • Schools: Capturing those School days for years to come!
  • Lifestyle : outdoor shoot (somewhere that means something to you): Capturing you friends and family in a natural environment. Ideal for couples/friends and family.
  • Bump to baby : Capturing each stage of the magical moments of pregnancy and the newborn bundle.
  • Baby to Toddler : Your child over the first 6-12+ months, Capturing the ever changing features of your unique child!
  • Family groups: Capturing the people you love most in the world to be remembered for years to come.
  • Playgroup: Capturing the first play mates!
  • Dance classes: Capturing the moments where the first dance moves begin!
  • 1st day at Nursery / School: Capturing the once in a lifetime moments of ‘their first days’.


Life passes so quickly, so whatever your reason is for a portrait shoot, one thing can be sure, memories can be created and held onto for years to come!

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