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Bury Portrait Family Photographer

Studio Style

Family Portrait Day


Due to popular demand, I am happy to announce that there will be more Family Portrait Days put on throughout the year.

With the success of the last one which was done in February and the demand for more, two more dates have been added to the calendar….

Saturday 21st April 2018

Saturday 23rd June 2018

Both dates are being held again at the Stables Country Club, based in Bury.


These unique events are an ideal opportunity to capture special photographs of the ones you love!


What is a Studio Style Family Portrait Day?

As I have mentioned these unique days bring the studio style photography to you at a price you can afford. I offer a professional, friendly, relaxing atmosphere, ensuring that it is an enjoyable experience while capturing those special shots. I work with the family to get a wide range of family shots, before moving onto shots just of the children and then the adults.


How long do you get?

Each session is an hour, with the photoshoot lasting around 30 – 40 minutes. With those families with younger children I incorporate mini breaks for the children, to ensure they enjoy themselves as well.


Can I bring a change of clothes?

There are limited facilities to get change, but if you wish to bring a quick change of clothes for the children, to room is totally private.


Can I bring pets?

Unfortunately while these events are bring carried out at the Stables Country club, you are unable to bring animals / pets. Other sessions are available though as out door sessions can be booked which could include a family pet.


What do I get in the end?

Each photo session ends in the couple taking part having at least 15 x images which are stored on a disk for you to use as they wish. All images have a contemporary feel to the end product as all images are taken on a white background. There are no hidden costs! These images are sent direct to your house within a few weeks of the photo shoot.


And finally…

Why the initial cost of the photo shoot while other shoots could be cheaper!

The way I have decided to run my business is to give customers the prices up front, with no hidden costs. Many companies work the opposite way, giving a cheap price before hitting people with more costs later on. I am against this as I feel sometimes people can be pressured into buying something they don’t really want. By doing it the way, customers can enjoy their experience right from the beginning until the end.



So if you are looking to capturing those special memories and live within Bury and the surrounding areas then why not get in touch and book a slot. For more information….




*These are appointment bookings only so remember places are limited…so get booked in soon! There will be more dates booked throughout the year, so keep your eye out for further details!*

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