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North West Photography – Why choose us in 2017

North West Photographer – Why choose us in 2017!

With many Photography companies out there, you maybe asking why choose us, what sets us apart from the competition.

While setting up our business we decided to implement some simple but vital core values to ensure that every customer had the same experience. Such values included:

Always be happy in your work.

*Always endeavour to go above and beyond in any work being carried out.

*Always listen to what the customers really want and communicate well with them.

*Be passionate and determined.

*Always push the boundaries of knowledge and experience.


But it also goes beyond these values as with many jobs, you need to be a people person able to talk, listen and work with your customers to ensure the best photographs are taken. We try and ensure each customer is made to feel relaxed, therefore producing a more natural result in the photograph. Other reasons to use us include:

  • Friendly – This is vital to relax those people who are having their shots taken. Whether it’s a portrait shoot, a commercial shoot or a Wedding day, it is essential to make people feel happy and relaxed as this can produce the better end result. There is no need to shout or be rude while organising people, you will always get a better result by using calm and relaxed approach to capturing the shots.
  • Professional – We strive to continually be professional throughout the job. This goes hand in hand with customer service which we try and excel in.
  • Listening to the customer – No matter what the job, we find it important to sit down and listen to what the customer actually wants. So whether it’s a wedding or a commercial shoot we will capture the shots and the style of shots the customer is looking for.
  • Flexible – We are able to Tailor the job to fit in to what the customer wants. We are also flexible on the job, able to adjust the specifications at the last minute. If more time is required to capture the shots, then we will stay until the job is completed!
  • Reliable – We ensure we are continually reliable throughout the period of time working with you, whether its capturing the correct shots or sticking to a schedule.
  • Inspiring – While carrying out jobs, we like to be inspirational in what we do, ensuring the highest standards are continually kept high, therefore inspiring others around us to the same.
  • Passionate – And finally we are passionate about our work. We find this very important as it means we care and enjoy the work we do.


All of ensure that when choosing a Photographer for an event, to take portrait shots of friends and family or to capture that special Wedding day, that Tailored Image Photography is the correct choice for you.

If you would like more information on how we could help capture the shot you are looking for within the North West, then please take the opportunity to check out / contact us using one of the methods below:



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