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10 reasons why I will enjoy my job in 2017

10 reasons why I will enjoy my job in 2017

With Photography being a high pressure (to get the shot) its important to remember why photographers love the job so much. I have put together a list of 10 reasons why again in 2017 I will be loving to work I do. Please feel free to comment or even add to this list as there will be many more reason why people love taking photographs for a living!


  • Meet new people and work alongside the public – There are many jobs out there which allow you to meet new people and work alongside the public, but only a few which you are able allows you to capture special moments with those people or you are able to help someone with a business or event. This job brings new people into your life while helping them which always gives me a buzz and there is no better feeling than seeing people joy of seeing the end result and being able to let them either hold on to a memory or help grow and strengthen a business.
  • Able to capture important photographs in people lives – Many events come up in peoples lives which are life changing and therefore they need to hold onto the event knowing that time goes so quickly. This is another reason why I enjoy my job so much as these are caught on camera for them to look back on for years to come.
  • Able to help a business grow and strengthen – One part of Tailored Image Photography is capturing the shots which will help a business grow through advertising. So whether its taking shots of products or services which are provided or images of the facility of employees, all can have a contribution to helping a business.
  • Learning all of the time – Even though I have done this job for a number of years now, I enjoy the fact that you are still learning a number of things. Whether its picking up new techniques, bringing new styles in or dealing with certain situations, I find the new challenges always rewarding as well as keeping me on my toes!
  • It inspires me to better myself – Working in this industry allows you to work alongside others who are passionate about their work or a situation they find themselves in such as a Wedding. This always inspires me to better myself, knowing that there are others out there also striving to do better!
  • Able to make someone happy – A large part of my job is simply making people happy! There are many situations I find myself, often either during some kind of celebration or event and it makes the job I do rewarding knowing that I am not only capturing these special moments, but I am able to hold onto these memories for those who are celebrating. I have found on many occasions that once the event has passed, seeing the joy in the photographs I have taken and allowing them to remember those happy times.


  • I love the different challenges it brings up – One thing you can never say is that ‘photography is boring’. This job continually brings up new challenges both before a job in the planning stages as well as actually on the jobs. These challenges can come in many forms such as, ‘a change to the planned schedule of a job’ or ‘different lighting conditions to what was expected’, all of which contributes to the enjoyment of the job!
  • I am given the chance to try new things – From job to job there are always opportunities to try new things, whether its new techniques, new equipment or new areas to work with. This variation plays a vital part in not only keeping the job interesting but also allows me to gain knowledge and experience.
  • Able to use my knowledge and experience to produce the shots people are looking for – Building up both experience and knowledge has played a vital part in ensuring that when these shots captured are the shots they are looking for and are happy with.
  • Simply enjoying what I do – It simply boils down to enjoying the job I have trained for. Enjoying a job makes you want to do it, therefore providing the best results!


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